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The Movement to Purpose

The Movement to Purpose

WSJ Digest 20181225

When Dr. Dan Diamond returns from being part of a major relief effort, he often wants to understand what makes some people unstoppable.
Whether during a time of crisis or in everyday life, a person’s mindset can have a significant impact on a given situation or issue. A scarity mindset, for example, can create silos within an organization as individuals or groups look out for their own interests.
But an abundance mindset–believing that there are enough resources and success to go around–can encourage a team to reach out and find improvements among groups.
That’s one of the lessons Dr. Diamond, author of Beyond Resilience, family physician, and principal of NogginStorm LLC, took away after assisting victims of Hurricane Katrina. The lesson can equally apply to those affected by the more recent disasters, such as the california wildfires. During an episode from the Resillient podcast series, he discusses the importance of mindset in transitioning from being victim=centric to hero-centric with Mike Kearney, a partner with Deloitte Risk and Financial Adivisary, Deloitte& Touche LLP.

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