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1.1 In close cooperation and coordination with Cheniere and subject to Paragraph 1.3 below, Willbros agrees to perform the Work, including all Project management, engineering, procurement, construction and construction management for the Project, and provide all equipment, materials, supplies, labor workmanship, apparatus, machinery, tools, structures, inspection, manufacture, fabrication, installation, design, delivery, transportation, storage and any incidental work reasonably inferable as required and necessary to complete the Project in accordance with Applicable Law, Applicable Codes and Standards and all other provisions of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Work is described in more particular detail in the Scope of Work set forth in Schedule “B”.

1.2 The Scope of Work is based upon and shall comply with the preliminary engineering developed by Cheniere’s other consultants and contractors and the FERC Certificate.

1.3 Willbros shall not be responsible for and the Work excludes the Cheniere Provided Items identified in Paragraph 5.3 which are to be provided by Cheniere.

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