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With @FoxNews giving for Biden 264 EV, Biden needs to win just one of the following states: NV, PA, GA or NC to be declared the winner

I am confident we will emerge victorious, but this will not be my victory or our victory alone. It will be a victory for the American people, for our democracy, for America.

Joe Biden: “I will work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as I will for those who did vote for me.”

Biden gave the speech of a president earlier today. he didn’t “declare” anything. he knows it’s the american people’s right to decide, and actually believes in democracy and fairness. THAT is the type of person we so desperately need to run this country.

When Biden said “we are not enemies” in his speech, he was repeating a consistent theme of his campaign. The phrase also appears at the end of Lincoln’s first inaugural address in 1861. Set aside, for the moment, what happened after that address. Just take in the words.

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