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10 Top Lessons From the Book “The Magic Of Thinking Big”

10 Top Lessons From the Book “The Magic Of Thinking Big”


  1. Believe You Can Succeed And You Will

🟢When you believe “I-can-do-it”, the “how-to-do-it” develops in your mind.

On the flip side, disbelief is negative power. When the mind disbelieves or doubts, it attracts reasons to support the disbelief.

  1. Stop Making Excuses

❌Eliminate the habit of making excuses and instead focus on the things that can cause you to succeed.

The right attitude and one arm will beat the wrong attitude with two arms every time.

  1. Build Confidence And Destroy Fear

👉In order for action to happen, we must be confident people. No one is born with confidence.

Whenever you start to experience any kind of fear, ask yourself, “What kind of ACTION can I take to conquer my fear?”

  1. How To Think And Dream Creatively

🟢Creative thinking is simply finding new and improved ways to do anything.

Belief releases creative powers to accomplish big goals whereas disbelief puts the brakes on.

  1. Look Important – It Helps You Think Important

We make a first impression whenever we see someone for the first time in under a second.

✅One of the best ways to connect with people is…make them feel like they’re an important person as sitting in first class.

  1. Manage Your Environment

If you want to continue to become better, then surround yourself with those that will encourage and lift you.

❌Avoid the negative people that tend to do nothing but gossip.

❌Don’t let small people with small ideas hold you back.

  1. Make Your Attitudes Your Allies

How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind, they reflect thinking.

💯When our attitude is right, our abilities reach a maximum of effectiveness and good results inevitably follow.

  1. Think Right Toward People

👉The biggest obstacle between you and what you want to be is the support from others.

A person is not pulled up to a higher level job, they’re rather lifted up.

  1. Get The Action Habit

Leaders are those people who don’t waste time speculating. Procrastination is NOT part of their vocabulary.

🔴Too many people waste their time waiting until conditions are perfect before acting.

  1. Turn Defeat Into Victory

If you study great sports teams or individuals, they ALL have one thing in common. They’ve all had failures and set backs.

✅The difference between success and failure is found in one’s attitudes towards setbacks and other disappointing situations.

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