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No One Trust a Phony 5 Steps to be Authentic

No One Trust a Phony 5 Steps to be Authentic



Why authenticity is important

People are drawn to authenticity

Those viewed as authentic gain more followers, close more deals, are viewed as stronger leaders, & make more friends

We trust those we view as authentic

1. Self Reflect

We have to understand ourselves before others will value our authenticity

What do you believe in?
What are your values?
Are you comfortable in your own skin?
Are you concerned about what others think?

If you want to be trusted. Learn to trust yourself

2. Be Consistent

You know what you believe but are you staying true to your beliefs

Do your actions & words align to your beliefs?
Do you cave to what others think?

The more consistent you are in how you act & what you say the more people view you as being authentic

3. Seek Inspiration. Don’t copy

My man @tyromper is a high energy positive leader. He inspires me.

I take things away from him but I’m much more even keel by nature

If I fake his energy, people will see through it

Admire & Learn from others. Don’t try to be them

4. Trust your Gut

Feedback is part of growth but ultimately we have to run our own race

Trust your gut and instincts

Our minds can be swayed by data and other factors. Our gut instincts are usually true to ourselves

If it doesn’t feel right to you. Don’t do it

5. Be Open & Honest

We all screw up and make mistakes. Owning your faults and mistakes makes you relatable.

The more honest you are about your success and failures the more people will relate to you

We love the comeback story because no one is perfect

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