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  1. 《中华人民共和国证券法》Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China (Amended in 2019)

2.《上市公司重大资产重组管理办法》(2020修正)Administrative Measures on Material Asset Restructuring of Listed Companies (Amended in 2020)

  1. 上市公司收购管理办法(2020修正)》Administrative Measures on Acquisition of Listed Companies (Amended in 2020)

4.《关于外国投资者并购境内企业的规定》Provisions on Merger and Acquisition of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors (Edition 2009)

  1. 《外国投资者对上市公司战略投资管理办法》Administrative Measures on Strategic Investment in Listed Companies by Foreign Investors (Amended in 2015)

6.《外商投资准入特别管理措施(负面清单)(2021年版)》Special Administrative Measures (Negative List) for Foreign Investment Access in Pilot Free Trade Zones (Edition 2021)

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