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Open AI: They Had an Argument About Moving Too Fast”

Open AI: They Had an Argument About Moving Too Fast”


FT: OpenAI investors push to reinstate Sam Altman as CEO By George Hammond

The article details a significant upheaval at OpenAI, where investors, including Microsoft and key venture capital firms, are mobilizing to remove the company’s board and reinstate Sam Altman as CEO. This move is seen as a response to the board’s recent decisions, which included ousting Altman and co-founder Greg Brockman, creating ripples across Silicon Valley. The board’s actions, which stem from concerns about the rapid deployment of AI tools potentially compromising safety, have led to a crisis within the organization. Investors and employees are exploring various options to address this, with one prominent investor confident about resolving the situation by the weekend. The internal conflict has placed various plans, like a significant employee stock sale, in jeopardy. The unique governance structure of OpenAI, a non-profit entity that owns a for-profit company, adds complexity to the situation. The board’s priorities are aligned with a charter focusing on the humane development of AI, which contrasts with typical for-profit entities. Despite the upheaval, many investors and employees remain supportive of Altman, regardless of his role at OpenAI or in future ventures.

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