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Daily Archive 2021年5月2日


自性光明。是自光明,不是他光明,也不是从他而光明。 佛说:众生皆有如来智慧功德。 老子说:此道甚易知,甚易行,而天下莫能知,莫能行。 儒家说:人人皆可为圣贤。 十方如来同一性。六道众生个个是佛,即使是蚊蝇虮虱之类,也具有如来佛性,而且与圣贤仙佛不差一丝毫,因此说,人人可以成佛,“人皆可以为尧舜”。 只要经过努力,人人可以做圣贤。就是孟子说的『人皆可以为尧舜』。这里的『圣与贤』可以引申为『道』。也就是,经过努力人人可以做到『道』。

Hold On To The Goodness

On April 25, 2021, Chloé Zhao became the first woman of colour, the first Chinese woman and only the second woman ever to win the Academy Award for best director with her film Nomadland. The film, which Zhao wrote, edited and produced, in addition to directing, also won Best Picture.  During he ……