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Daily Archive 22/09/2023


菲律宾渔民阿班德早上捕鱼、下午当外送员,最大的梦想就是登上《美国达人秀》。他日前以惠妮休斯顿名曲〈我会永远爱你〉惊艳《美国达人秀》,全场观众起立为他欢呼鼓掌。 《美国达人秀》(America’s Got Talent)的YouTube频道13日上传罗兰.阿班德(Roland Abante)在准决赛的演出。 阿班德以雄浑有力充满感情的歌声诠释已故歌手惠妮休斯顿(Whitney Houston)翻唱桃莉芭顿(Dolly Parton)的经典〈我会永远爱你〉(I Will Always Love You)后,观众和4名评审全体起立鼓掌,现场掌声雷动。 评审苏菲亚维佳乐(Sofia Vergara)赞叹:“罗兰,太精彩了!看看现场每个人,他们为你疯狂。我知道大家一直关注你、你的试镜,大家都爱你。” 她表示:“这真了不起。从你的国家、从卡拉ok(来到这个舞台),今晚干得好。你太棒了,你值得入选《美国达人秀》。” 阿班德来自菲律宾中部宿雾市(Cebu)。他在6月的试镜赛中以宿雾方言维萨亚斯语(Bisaya)透过翻译表示,他在家乡早上捕鱼,下午用摩托车送乘客和外送,平常在社区卡拉ok练唱,并用手机看《美国达人秀》,“来到这里是我最大的梦想”。 评审霍伊曼德尔(Howie Mandel)说:“完美的歌曲,完美的嗓音。真是精彩。你说‘我会永远爱你’,我想你(的表现)让世界上每个人都爱你。这令人难忘。” 他表示,这场预选赛中只有2场表演能进入决赛,评审们应该投给阿班德。“我相信这是决赛中(应该出现)的演出。” 另一名评审海蒂克隆(Heidi Klum)说:“你的嗓音如此粗犷而有质感,太动听了。老实说,这是今晚我最喜欢的演出之一。” ABS-CBN新闻网报导,《美国达人秀》共5场准决赛,每场准决赛有11场表演。评审投票后,只有脱颖而出的其中2场演出可进入决赛。 今天准决赛结果揭晓,虽然阿班德的表演未能入选决赛,但主办单位宣布最后将给出1席“外卡”名额给准决赛选手,因此阿班德仍有机会做为第11名选手参与决赛。

Charlie Munger: ‘Stop complaining,everybody’s five times better off than they used to be’

Published Tue, Dec 27 20229:00 AM EST Tom Huddleston Jr. Billionaire Charlie Munger thinks we should all be a lot happier. Munger, the longtime investment partner and friend of fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, says he doesn’t understand why people today aren’t more content with what they have, especially compared to harder times throughout history. “People are less happy about the state of affairs than they were when things were way tougher,” Munger said earlier this year at the annual meeting of the Daily Journal, the newspaper company where he’s a director. The 98-year-old noted that he came of age in the 1930s, when Americans everywhere were struggling: “It’s weird for somebody my age, because I was in the middle of the Great Depression when the hardship was unbelievable.” During that annual meeting, Munger complained that envy is a driving factor for too many people today. Before the early 1800s, there were thousands of years where “life was pretty brutal, short, limited and what have you. [There was] no printing press, no air conditioning, no modern medicine,” he said. If nothing else, Munger’s sense of widespread envy in today’s world might be right on the money: Recent studies show that roughly 75% of people are envious of someone else in any given year. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are especially effective at sparking feelings of envy or jealousy, often connecting us with people who only offer highly curated peeks into the positive developments in their lives. At the meeting, Munger pointed to the work of Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, who has argued that the quality of life around the world has improved dramatically over the past century or two, citing evidence such as longer life expectancies and reduced global poverty. Critics of Pinker’s work say his views are overly simplified and ignorant of negative aspects of modern life, from growing wealth ……