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Lawyer Harvey YAN

Harvey Yan is Senior & Managing Partner of Beijing Zhong Yin Law Firm, one of the leading law firms in China, with more than 3,000 lawyers and 400 partners in 34 major cities across the country. Harvey graduated with honors from Peking University and obtained a master’s degree in law. He was engaged as an expert lawyer for CCOIC (China Chamber of International Commerce), as an instructor for CMAA (China Mergers & Acquisitions Association), and also as a member of the Legal- rights-lawyers-group under ACFIC (All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce).

Harvey focuses his legal practice on representing Chinese companies seeking overseas cooperation opportunities and helping foreign companies expand business in the Chinese market.  He has served hundreds of globally well-known clients in cross-border M&A, BRI (the Belt and Road Initiative) and international disputes resolution.

Attorney Harvey Yan (Chinese name as “Yan Penghe”) was awarded the honorary title of “Best M&A Lawyer” by the CMAA (China Mergers and Acquisitions Association) at the 17th China M&A Annual Conference. CMAA is an institute under ACFIC (All China Federation of Industry & Commerce).

Leveraging his exceptional legal expertise and depth of knowledge in the China market, Lawyer Harvey Yan advises Chinese and overseas clients on a full range of domestic and cross-border transactions, providing comprehensive legal services.

● Recent projects in cross-border investment and M&A

1. Investment of China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. in Clark New Town Industrial Park project in the Philippines (US $4 billion); 

2. Bangladesh EPC project and equity M& A project of a state-owned holding company; 

3. Acquisition from a group company under Temasek, Singapore towards a series of power plant projects in China; 

4. A series of investment projects of a listed company in Asia, Africa and Latin America; 

5. CDB’s investment project in infrastructure projects in neighboring countries; 

6. Capital increase to a Hong Kong company project of a state-owned enterprise in the aviation sector;

7. A private group’s investment project in an acquisition of a listed company in Hong Kong;  

8. The Kazakh oil and gas assets project of a listed company invested by an insurance company group trust; 

9. Legal services for iTunes and iBook of Apple Inc.; 

10. CICC overseas equity cooperation project of the Information Office of the State Council; 

11. Acquisition from a mainland enterprise towards a foreign rotorcraft aircraft manufacturing technology; 

12. Multinational fund settlement project for Panamanian enterprises; 

13. Domestic due diligence projects of a US listed company; 

14. A series of restructuring projects of a foreign-funded enterprise group before listed on the NYSE.

● Recent investment and M&A projects of state-owned

1. Investment of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Funds in Beijing Longxi Hotspring Resort and subsequent series of operations; 

2. A health pension project of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd; 

3. Investment of Shandong Express Xinye Kangyang Equity Investment Co., Ltd. in a real estate project; 

4. Represent China Co-op Group in the acquisition of AVIC international grain and Oil Trading Co., Ltd. and other 10 billion grain storage asset projects; 

5. Provide legal services for China supply and marketing Huinong Service Co., Ltd. to acquire the equity of Shaanxi Co-op Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.;  

6. Provide legal services for the merger and acquisition of a cultural park project and debt to equity swap by Zhongshang Asset Management Company; 

7. Provide special legal services and due diligence investigation of a central enterprise’s cultural tourism industry investment and M&A;  

8. Provide legal services for the acquisition of non-performing assets for The China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd..

● Recent domestic and foreign IPO projects

1. A Sino-US joint venture listed on the New York Stock Exchange and a series of mergers and acquisitions before listing;  

2. A Hong Kong listed industrial group issued RMB common shares (A-shares) for the first time and listed project (H+A);  

3. The gem guidance listing project of an enterprise group in Fujian Province; 

4. A series of mergers and acquisitions of an enterprise before the listing of US shares; the handling of major legal matters related to the listing of US SPAC; the tracking and handling of additional issuance and other legal matters after the listing;  

5. A domestic power Internet of things industry enterprise gem counseling and listing project;

6. Scientific innovation board counseling and IPO project of a military science and technology enterprise under the Chinese Academy of Sciences; 

7. Gem counseling and IPO project of a game and Internet advertising enterprise in Beijing;  

8. Domestic M&A and listing on Science and Technology Innovation Board of an enterprise in Cayman Islands;

9. The listing project of an Internet company on the main board of Hong Kong.

● Recent domestic and foreign dispute resolution cases

1. Acted as an agent in the cross-border trade arbitration case between China coal solution (Singapore) PTE. Ltd. and LG International Corp. (International Arbitration in English and all claims are supported); 

2. Offshore liquidation and execution of BVI court judgment by domestic courts; 

3. A case of an enterprise in Qingdao, China for application of enforcement of the award in the Greek court; 

4. Collection of overseas commercial accounts of Chinese enterprises; 

5. International trade arbitration case between an Afghan enterprise and Chinese enterprise (CIETAC); 

6. Guangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd. v. Shen Zhen Qian Hai China Coal Solution Supply Chain Service Platform Co., Ltd., all claims are supported on behalf of the defendant; 

7. Represented Huzhou Ronghui Jiaheng Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. In disputes over financial leasing of medical equipment in hospitals such as Beijing Remote Vision Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Hailar District People’s Hospital of Hulunbuir city; 

8. Represented Huzhou Ronghui Jiaheng Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. In dispute over financial loan contracts with Colorful Wuzhou Group Co., Ltd.; 

9. Entrusted loan dispute between Zhongrong international and Shandong GuoXing Chemical Group Co., Ltd.; 

10. Entrusted loan dispute between Zhongrong international and Shandong Zhanhua Tianjiu Chemical Co., Ltd;   

11. Dispute over the confirmation of bankruptcy creditor’s rights between Zhongcheng Leasing Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Water Cube Amusement Park Co., Ltd.; 

12. Financial lease contract dispute between Zhongrong International Trust Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Baima Wanglang Tourism Investment Management Co., Ltd.;  

13. Dispute over the confirmation of bankruptcy creditor’s rights between Zhongrong International Trust Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Water Cube Amusement Park Co., Ltd.;


Zhong Yin Law Firm is one of the leading legal service providers in China, providing comprehensive legal services including corporate, contract, dispute resolution, outbound investment and international business. Zhong Yin Law Firm has a team of experienced lawyers who provide their clients with professional advice and help them face the complexities of the law in China. They also have a wide range of services available in English, allowing clients from a variety of backgrounds to work with the firm.

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